Top organisations are awarded for the outstanding implementation of KAIZEN™ principles and practices.

Kaizen Institute UK&I is pleased to announce the 1st edition of the UK&I KAIZEN™ Awards to recognise superior KAIZEN™ and Lean organisations. Top organisations and individuals will be awarded for their outstanding, innovative and effective implementation of KAIZEN™ principles and practices.


Continuous Improvement Award

The improvement activities should be aligned with the overall business strategy, and the projects should involve multidisciplinary teams so that they can be sustained by natural teams. Everybody at all hierarchical levels of the organisation has to be involved.
ESG should also be an integral part so that businesses are turned into real change agents in the new sustainable economy, bringing benefits to businesses’ performance and sustainability.
This category promotes cultural change projects within a company that demonstrates a sustained effort in practicing continuous improvement yielding better results, using effective training methods/tools, frequent practice (every day) and being highly motivated.

Operational Excellence Award

Higher costs, more demanding consumers, increased competition, and an ever-changing environment are some of the circumstances companies have to face on a daily basis.
To achieve operational excellence and success, organisations have to direct their efforts on maximising operations performance; securing efficiency and effectiveness in terms of productivity, quality, and costs reduction; and preparing themselves to respond to market changes and consumer demands
This category encompasses projects that accomplished better productivity and effectiveness levels, simplified processes, and lead time reduction, amongst others.


Application form available here

  • Projects conducted nationally, concluded within the last two years.
  • Candidate projects may already have received other awards.
  • Projects already acknowledged in previous editions of the KAIZEN™ Awards will not be accepted.
  • Further information about the project can be added (e.g. indicators, pictures, videos).


  • The jury is made up of Kaizen Institute members and partner entities.
  • If the jury considers that the project does not fit the category for which it has been submitted, it may, with the consent of the candidate, reassign the project to another category.
  • The initial application analysis is based on the application form. For applications moving to the second stage, a company visit is carried out.
  • The criteria for analysing and selecting projects include several elements such as actions implemented, the improvement methodology used and the results achieved.
  • The jury will select the laureates from each category. In addition, the jury reserves the right not to award prizes if it considers that none of the entries meets the minimum requirements of the established criteria.


Application deadline: 1st October 2023

Award Ceremony

More information about the ceremony will be communicated shortly.


If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process or the ceremony, please contact us by email: awards-uk@kaizen.com

Objectives of the KAIZEN™ Awards

Recognise organisations taking the lead in implementing KAIZEN™.

Drive Continuous Improvement efforts.

Inspire change among industry leaders.

Are you interested in participating in the KAIZEN™ Award UK&I?