KAIZEN™ Award Thailand

Top organizations are awarded for the outstanding implementation of KAIZEN™ principles and practices.

Kaizen Institute Thailand is pleased to announce the KAIZEN™ Award Thailand 3rd Edition to recognize superior KAIZEN™ and Lean organizations. Top organizations will be awarded for their outstanding, innovative and effective implementation of KAIZEN™ principles and practices.


Excellence in Applying KAIZEN™ Principles

Participation in the KAIZEN™ Award Thailand is open to any organization, public or private, large, medium and small companies with a presence in Thailand, from any sector. The evaluation is based on observations made by senior consultants and/or external specialists, at the customer’s premises, evaluating the application of the five KAIZEN™ principles:

#KAIZEN™ PrincipleApplication Example
1 Create customer valuea) The organization knows the customer needs by market segment.
b) The organization is dedicated to quality and to fulfil customer expectations.
2Let it flowa) Leaders know how to design, create, manage and improve processes.
b) Staff members understand the concepts of muda (waste), mura (variability) and muri (difficulty).
3Be gemba orienteda) The workplace is organized for efficiency, visual management is used to make waste, standards and behaviors visible.
b) Leaders go to the place of work to understand problems first hand.
4Empower peoplea) Business objectives are deployed (cascaded) throughout the organization.
b) All leaders share KAIZEN™ skills and role-model a KAIZEN™ mindset as they develop their teams.
5Be scientific and transparenta) Management decisions are based on the long-term vision.
b) Decision-making and problem-solving is based on real data from gemba (gemba gembutsu).

Besides scrutinizing the robustness of the five KAIZEN™ principles, the ‘Benefits tracking’ section evaluates what the organization has put in place to ensure employees know where the organization is heading, how they have progressed, and how customers and the organization is benefitting from the KAIZEN™ efforts.


Application pdf

Please complete and send the application to awards-th@kaizen.com not later than 15 June 2024 Nomination Guideline:

  • Submitted projects shall not be older than two years.
  • Candidates’ projects may already have been recognized by other awards (not awarded by Kaizen Institute).
  • Additional information about the project may be submitted (e.g. indicators, photos, movies, etc.).

Evaluations of Nominations

The evaluation committee is composed of Kaizen Institute and partners.

  • The initial analysis of the application will be based on the submitted application form. For applications that pass the second phase, a visit to the company will be made. The criteria for the evaluation process integrate various items such as the implemented actions, continuous improvement methodology and results.
  • The evaluation committee will choose the winners. The committee reserves the right to abstain from awarding any prizes if none of the applications meet the minimum quality requirements. The decisions of the evaluation committee are final and cannot be appealed.

KAIZEN™ Award Thailand 3rd Edition

Applications deadline, by 15 June 2024
First evaluation of the applications, by 1 July 2024
Site visits, by 31 July 2024
Presentation of the award winner, August 2024

KAIZEN™ Award Thailand 3rd Edition

The KAIZEN™ Award Thailand 3rd Edition will take place in August 2024. More information about the event will be published well in advance. For more information please contact us at: awards-th@kaizen.com

Award Recipients 2023

Category – Excellence in Applying KAIZEN™ Principles

1st Place: Qarbon Aerospace (Thailand) Co., Ltd

2nd Place: SVI PCL

3rd Place: Ngern Tid Lor PCL

Past Award Recipients


If you have any questions regarding the award procedure or the event please contact:

Kaizen Institute Thailand
815/230 Moo 5 Thai Ban Mai
Mueang Samut Prakan,
Samut Prakan 10280,
Tel: +66 81 483 4625


Objectives of the KAIZEN™ Awards

Recognize organizations taking the lead in implementing KAIZEN™.

Drive Continuous Improvement efforts.

Inspire change among industry leaders.

Are you interested in participating in the KAIZEN™ Award Thailand?